Monday, June 13, 2011

Solar Rope Lights - LED Solar Tube Lights

Solar Rope Lights - LED Solar Tube Lights

Solar lights for outdoor lighting are becoming more and more popular with home owners as well as small store front businesses. Being very versatile with no need for wiring, electricity or electrical outlets to power them thus helping home owners a store businesses to save money on their electrical bills. With solar rope lights home owners and businesses can outline walkways, outdoor doorways, windows and signs with lights with out having to pay for the power to light them up.

What are solar rope lights or solar tube lights?  
They are a set of string LED lights (normally 50-102 extremely bright LEDs on the strand) that are encased in a super flexible clear tubing with a solar panel attached to the end.  The string lights are totally sealed with in the clear tubing so they are weather and water resistant.  The solar rope tube (but not the solar panel) can be submerged in water with out water getting inside the tube.  Being that the clear tube is super flexible the solar rope lights can be used almost anywhere.  

Solar Lights Plus carry these solar rope lights in many colors such as: Green, blue, red, yellow, white, purple, pink and also a strand that have alternating colors of red-white-blue.  So you should have no problem finding just the right color that would find right in with all of your outdoor light decorating.

How would you use solar rope lights?
Solar LED  rope lights are ideal for lining walkways, buildings, gazebos, windows, stairs, down the sides of driveways or lining fence lines.  Since the plastic tubing is so flexible it also works great for raping around deck railings, decorating outdoor patio furniture, raping around tree trunks or just about anything that your heart desires.

Solar rope lights also rape up easily for when they may have to be stored or take them with you on camping trips.  Lay them on the ground, around your campsite so you may have mini night lights at night so you may see not to trip over rocks or step in any dips or holes when having to walk around your campsite at night.  They also help identify your campsite at night when you may have to leave your campsite to visit the little boys or girls room.

Watch the video below that shows just how beautiful solar rope lights are.  See all the many uses they may be used for.

Red-White-Blue Solar Rope Lights

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